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Life Drawing October 13th 2017

Second FRIDAY Returns

6:00-8:30 PM

$25, $40 sibling discount!

Pizza and snack included!!!

Email nlartsorg@gmail.com with the subject line October 13th, Figure Drawing!

Friday the 13th 2017 NLArts will turn the lights low for a life drawing workshop with Lily Brown.

Lily works with the figure in her own studio.

In this workshop your kiddos will be introduced to paintings most honored tradition. We will look at a clothed model and learn composition, contour drawing, timed pieces, and blind contour. Figure drawing is one of the oldest and most important forms of art, don’t have your children miss out!!

Visit her website www.lilyjanebrown.com

Remember not all of figure drawing is suitable for your children’s eyes. Not all of lily’s works on her site are either. However, all of our coursework will be fully appropriate.