Help us make NLArts EVEN Better

Dear NLArts Community ,

We are officially in the thick of the holidays and I know everyone is spread very thin, but like so many small organizations we need your help! NLArts is now a decade old and we are ready to take on more than ever!

We asking for your help in two ways. Please fill out and return our  Parent Questionaire

and if you can please donate  

Any amount will help. Our website is on our way to working great, but until then donations of any amount can be made on our PayPal button, where it says “pay now.” 

This year we have taken on lots of new programs including classes for adults, free family programming, and one day camps every time your child is off of school. We want to make life even easier for you. If you have ideas, want to help out at our events, or can simply donate please help us journey through another ten years!

On a personal note, the end of this year marks the beginning of my third year as your director. My daughter has spent her entire life with your children, and my husband has photographed all your faces. This truly is a family affair and as your family I can only do my best work with your help.


Thank you and Happy Holidays

Natasha Mell-Taylor



Parent Questionaire